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13 December 2013 @ 07:16 pm

She's standing on the balcony with her arms wrapped aound her self for warmth. Her long black dress presses itself against her like it's telling her to go with it, like she has somewhere else to be.
He wonders where she is thinking about, looking up at the sky. He's watching her from the doorway, crossing the threshold into something private and far away.

She presses her chin against her shoulder and glances at him without suprise. He hadn't even realised she'd heard him approach. Maybe she hadn't. Maybe she just always expected him to be around.

"Hi." She says quietly. He realises as she turns back to stare at her hands that he isn't going to get anything else.

He moves toward her, putting a cup into her hands which she has no choice to accept.
"Don't worry. It isn't eggnog." He smiles and she nods graciously.
 He sighs at her deflated tone. "Look Elizabeth-"
"I know. I know what your going to say."
"No you don't."
She turns to face him properly and looks him right in the eye. "Your going to say that it's christmas and that I should celebrate and forget about everything that happened to me for a night."
John bites his lip. "Your right. I probably would have said that. But I would have also said that I know you don't just forget bad things that happen to you."

He hadn't forgotten either. They had searched for her for months after they had lost her, eventually tracking her down to a replicator ship. They hand't even known if she was alive on there, or if it was really even her.
John had defied orders to go up and get her. But as it turned out he wasn't alone. The rest of the team were just as surprised when Elizabeth had fought her own way to them, after learning of their nearby presence.
The replicators had kept her alive to fuel her copies, but she wasn't the same. She was colder, harder, a far more insular person than she ever was.
John supposed that was the price of being kept in captivity with no one but yourself. She had fought her way through the ship and even John didn't know the extent of how and what she did to get out.
To wage a one woman war on her captors would have taken the kind of courage he couldn't fathom in anyone but her.
They had been beyond happy to have her come home. But Elizabeth carried the burden of her memories with her, the worrying of the true damage the replicators had had on her.
Even now, at christmas, she didn't trust her memories, trust herself to let go of what had happened.

"I also would have said that I don't want you to have to forget. I know you don't want to be at this party. But think of it as being for everyone else."
Elizabeth rolls her eyes but keeps listening. "Everyone missed you. We missed you more than anything. And if this party is a way - a happy way - to celebrate you coming back, then let them have it."
"Them? Or you?"
"Is there a difference?"
She scans his face for another answer but finds none. Everyone, including him, was still wary of her. He seperated himself from her when he spoke now, before it was us and them. Now it was her, then the people she had left.
"I did it for you you know." She whispers stepping closer to him.
"Trust me, I know." John says quiety, pressing his forehead against hers. "Come on. It's christmas." He takes hold of her hand and she lets him. It's a feeling she once wondered about ever feeling again.
"Lets dance, lets pretend to smile, and tomorrow you can tell me, or not tell me, about all the things that are making you sad."
He always makes her the same offer. This is the only time she has considered taking him up on it.
"Alright." She says. "Maybe." Her first christmas back on atlantis isn't the best. She still has nightmares about clanking cold space ships and grabbing hands.
But she tries to move on. Tries to let him help.
And he does.

05 December 2013 @ 01:20 am

fandom: sga
pairing: John/Elizabeth
a/n: written for the sparky advent calender, day four. Also haven't been on lj for a while but for some reason it isnt letting me highlight everything to put it under a cut so im not going to.

"I dont like christmas without snow."

John sighs as he leas on the balcony, staring up at a depressingly clear sky.
Elizabeth shrugs. "When I travelled i got used to snowless winters."

she moves from where she had been leaning on the doorway, watching him. She stands next to him, arms crossed.

He looks at her and smiles. She can't help but reciprocate seeing the look of friendly familiarity that crosses his face when he looks at her.
"Didn't you miss it feeling like winter? Hell, don't you miss it now? You know, sledding and ugly jumpers and mistletoe?"
Elizabeth laughs brightly. "Well, well, well, Colnel. I had no idea you were so sentimental."
He rolls his eyes with a smile. "Yeah yeah. But don't get used to it. Until next christmas I am my miserable self again."
"No! I like it!" Elizabeth smiles, hesitantly putting a hand on his shoulder. She removes it quickly as he glances down.

She glnces at her shoes awkwardly for a moment before nodding and looking back up at him. "I do miss it sometimes. I miss my family. But they understand.
they know that I'm part of something much bigger here. I would trade that in for anything, would you?"

John looks her in the eye, and she has the feeling he's searching her face for what answer he can give. So she stares back as equally hard, wanting another moment of truth.
"Maybe there are a few things more important than this place. After all, this city isn't anything with out the people in it. The people...people I care about." He
leans impertectively closer to her.
Elizabeth finds her self on the verge of getting caught up in something that she isn't sure she is ready to get caught up in - him. She steps back with an awkward flustered smile.
"Im...I'm going to get back to work." She says quietly, not quite meeting his eye.
She doesn't have to tell him he can stay on the balcony as ling as he wants. He already knows.

He goes back out there that night. He doesn't quite know what it is about this balcony that helps him think. All he really knows is that it is the one place that he ever really
lets himself relax. The only place he can think clearly. Make the right decisions. Maybe it's just being apart from the rest of the team. Maybe it's the ocean view.
Or maybe it's just the feelings this place holds for him. The memories it brings out in him. Maybe it's just that this place belongs not only to him but mostly to Elizabeth.
The atmosphere belongs to her, the presence of the place. Even when she isn't there he feels it. Calming him, guiding him.

He is suddenly brought out of his revelry by something he cannot quite belive. Where his fingers rest on the railing of the balcony a small white fleck appears.
He looks up at the sky but see's nothing but darkness. But then - there - another.
"Snow?" He whispers, not believeing it. He had been told to expect no snow on atlantis in general.
"Not quite, but good as." A voice calls out behind him.

He turns to see elizabeth smiling at him and laughs.
"It's the petals of a flower that only grows on the mainland during in winter." She explains, moving toward him as more and more tiny white petals float down.
"Apparently it symbolises strength. The smallest flower grows through the winter when everything else dies. It's the idea that even when everything else disappears,
somethings can live on."
"Did you do this all for me?" John asks her with a teasing smile.
She shrugs. "Well, i can't say I had entirely altruistic motives."
"Oh really, how so?"
"Well. This is a winter flower. As well as all the beautiful things it means, they also say the genetic design is very similar to that of mistletoe."
John smiles again widely and looks up at the floating white petals floating from somewhere above their balcony.
"Mistletoe and snow. I didn't realise you were so sentimental." He says looking back down at her.

She doesn't reply. Instead she nods with a laughs and wraps her arm around his shoulder, as he takes her face in his hands and kisses her.

16 February 2013 @ 05:49 am

title: Falling leaves

fandom/pairing: Mark/Addison, Greys anatomy/pp (mentions of jaddison and addek friendship

summary: Addison goes to Seattle for Marks funeral and tries to come to terms with her loss

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28 September 2012 @ 05:39 pm
After the terrible events in shondaland last night, thought we'd want to live in a hppy world of fic, with our babies in their city.

Normal rules apply. You know them. I will add that the concept is that all replies must feature New York some way, even if it is just one single line. It can be set anywhere, in any universe, just so long as NY is mentioned.

And smut is allowed. So have fun!
22 August 2012 @ 02:15 am

Title: Home
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth centric, with some Elizabeth/John
summary: There are, though many would laugh and disagree were you to ask them, some quiet nights on Atlantis.
warnings: None
Notes: It changes font size half way through, I tried typing it again but lj wont fix it. It's ok though, it's not like you can't see it, the font gets a little smaller, that's all. Just thought I'd mention.

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28 June 2012 @ 06:32 pm
Title: New Skins
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Evil Queen/Red + Regina/Ruby
Prompt: Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Authors note: Third fic done for the ladyloves! f/f ficathon the others can be found at my journal :)
Disclaimer: I own nothing

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28 June 2012 @ 06:21 pm
Ive written a couple of little fics so imma post them - well two of them, one is slightly longer than the others, so that'll come in a post after this one. Instead of a summary, I'm going to put the prompt they were based on, because all these were written for the ladyloves! f/f ficathon

Title: The Tangle Of Webs
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Natasha/Sif
Prompt: she's so sweet with her get-back stare
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

The tangle of websCollapse )

Title: The Unpure
Fandom: True Love
Pairing: Karen/Holly
Prompt: and though I'm her teacher I should see a preacher for the thoughts running through my head
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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17 June 2012 @ 12:48 pm
Medium: Book/show
Fandom: ASOIAF/Game of thrones
Subject: Cersei Lannister
Title: So Walk Tall Like A Lioness
Warnings: Incest (slight Jaime/Cersei vibes), some swearing
Notes: This has been sitting on my computer for months, I wanted to finally get it posted. Some songs have hints of J/C (one of theirs is not a love song, but it works in context), numer three is more about Cersei and Robert though. Also, I usually try to use only one song from an artist, but this one ended up with two Florence and the machine songs...oh well.

God Save The Queen, I Loved You!Collapse )

So, most of you wont care, but i have not been on my lj for a long time - by this i mean posting properly and keeping up with lj friends.

this was a bad move on my part, and I am truley very sorry, because it became a gradual move - mostly to tumblr as Lj became less and less active to me.

I have recently however started writing some original stuff again and am thinking about fanfics, which means I have started thinking about coming back here, getting back into fic and fanmixes etc.

I am going to say now I may not be as frequent as I once was, but I am going to start trying to keep up with the posts of friends and trying to delve into graphics/fic again - which this blog will be for, i think.

Thanks :D
02 October 2011 @ 05:57 pm

Medium: film
Fandom: The Dreamers
Subject: Isabelle/Theo
Title: Take your taste back
Warnings: Incest

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