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Beyond hope.

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."

Im Jess.

Farscape, castle, supernatural, lost, silent witness, game of thrones, fringe, dr who, nikita, stargate sg1/atlantis, ER, rome, legend of the seeker, Mark/Addison (GAPP), holby city, the mentalist, community, harry potter, whedonverse, angelina jolie.

I'm a Lannister, I like the morally ambiguous, the female characters you all hate, and cats and sleep and fangirling and shipping.

themirrorofsin is the Atia to my Mark Anthony.

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11/river, a very potter musical, acting, aeryn sun, aiden turner, angelina jolie, anna friel, arthur pendragon, arthur/morgana, ashes to ashes, asoiaf, audrey hepburn, being human, ben browder, bones, brad pitt, breakfast at tiffanys, bridget regan, buffy the vampire slayer, cam/vala, captain jack sparrow, cara mason, casino royale, castle, cersei lannister, cersei/jaime, charisma carpenter, charlie pace, cillian murphy, claudia black, cordelia chase, david borneaz, desmond hume, desmond/penny, dichen lachman, dita von teese, dollhouse, donnie darko, dr horrible's singalong blog, dr who, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, elizabeth weir, emilia fox, emily deschanel, empire records, eva green, factory girl, faith lehane, farscape, felicia day, femslash, fight club, firefly, fitzwilliam darcy, fleetwood mac, fringe, gigi edgley, guillaume canet, harry potter, heath ledger, helena bonham carter, his dark materials, holby city, house, jac naylor, jake gyllenhaal, james mcavoy, jane austen, john crichton, john sheppard, john/aeryn, johnny depp, joseph gordon levitt, joss whedon, juliet burke, juno, kahlan amnell, karen gillan, kate beckett, katie mcgrath, keeley hawes, legend of the seeker, lena headey, life on mars, lily cole, lip service, lost, mal reynolds, marie antoinette, marion cotillard, merlin, milla jovovich, misfits, morgana, morgause, nathan fillion, olga fedori, olivia dunham, olivia wilde, olivia williams, patrick jane, penny valentine, peter bishop, peter/olivia, pillars of the earth, pushing daisies, quentin tarantino, reading, regina spektor, river song, river tam, robin tunney, rocky horror picture show, ronan dex, rose byrne, russel howard, russell brand, sarah connor, saywer, serenity, she and him, sienna miller, silent witness, simon baker, skins, sparky, stana katic, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, suliet, summer glau, sylvia plath, tabrett bethell, tegan and sara, teresa lisbon, terry goodkind, the beatles, the mentalist, the mighty boosh, the peacekeeper wars, tim burton, tom ward, ttscc, vala mal doran